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Wellbeing at home

Ensuring that your home is safe, healthy and well maintained should be high on the list of priorities when setting your 2023 intentions, write Colin Thomas and Dan Garner of Dubai-based business We Will Fix It.

With 2023 under way, most people take the start of the year to focus on self-improvement, but if you’re coming home to a property that doesn’t feel welcoming, or worse, isn’t properly maintained, then you’re starting the year at a disadvantage when it comes to optimal health and wellbeing.

Gym memberships, career improvement and healthy eating habits are the usual topics we focus on in January. What many people sometimes overlook is how important a role our home environment plays when it comes to actually keeping those resolutions. So, we’ve put together some tips for transforming our house into a home conducive to mental and physical balance.

Prioritise your sleep

Never underestimate the power of proper rest. Insufficient zzz’s and broken sleep patterns downgrade your body’s repair system and have a negative effect on concentration, mood and ability to function optimally in almost any situation.

Good quality sleep restores physical and mental energy levels, while allowing the subconscious to process emotions and thoughts from the day.

Dubai’s climate can impact your sleep quality in different ways, and a high proportion of residents opt to utilize their AC systems even during the cooler months to ensure quality sleep throughout the night.

For optimal, continuous deep sleep that will keep you energetic throughout the day, a comfortably cool temperature is best. Experts will argue about what this is, and we all have different ‘body thermometers’ but generally the best AC temperature for sleep is between 18.3 degrees and 22 degrees. An efficient AC system can prevent sweating and relax your body into its natural circadian rhythm. If an AC unit isn’t properly maintained, an increase of mould and dust can impact your air quality, so get your air conditioning serviced regularly – we recommend three times a year, and AC ducts every 18 months to two years.

Ensure your bedding and mattress are of the best quality you can afford, and allow the benefit of regular, reliable restful nights to bring a positive impact to your days.

Colin Thomas and Dan Garner of Dubai-based business We Will Fix It

Hydration, hydration, hydration

In the hierarchy of needs theory, food, water and sleep are the foundations without which we cannot survive. And yet many of us living in a desert country are always a little bit dehydrated. No wonder we don’t feel quite right! Tiredness, sluggishness and dull skin are all factors that can be improved by drinking more water. Our water in the UAE is safe to drink from the tap – assuming the water tank is properly maintained and cleaned. Quality water keeps us alive from the inside out, and it’s incredible that we can access clean water on tap in one of the most water-scarce countries in the world, but few of us spend much time thinking about the process that is involved in maintaining its quality. Unlike countries that have ‘straight to tap’ systems, the UAE’s tank and pump system naturally builds up ‘nasties’ that will impair your digestion, skin, and hair vitality if left unchecked.

While some people don’t drink tap water, we all shower in it, which is why tanks clogged with sand and dirt can leave you feeling ‘blah’ without you even realising it. To ensure all-round better health and eliminate the risk of waterborne diseases, Dubai Municipality advises all residents to get their water tanks professionally cleaned by approved and accredited water tank cleaning technicians every six to 12 months. The bottom line is that if you want to look and feel your best, taking care of your health and skin with quality water is one of the most important steps you can take.

Clear your mind
Post-Covid 19, home improvement is having a moment, with more of us working from home and thus spending more of our days at home. Unlike the rapid transformation-on-a-shoe-string approach of the ‘90s, today’s practice holds higher regard for the inherent mind/body connection we have with our surroundings. Clutter in all its forms has a strong impact on mental well-being, as supported by science, which is why having a good clear-out makes you feel so good! We suggest starting with the big things. Unsightly appliances can, where possible, be placed behind inbuilt cupboard doors. This may be easier than you think if you consult a knowledgeable handyman.

Next up, get unhung pictures and bric-a-brac off the floor and make a plan to either use these decorative items to your advantage or to gift them to someone who will. We’re often asked to put up shelves on walls to increase storage space, which helps our customers declutter and organise their posessions.

Smaller niggles can be big on draining energy, such as loose handles on cupboard doors, difficult-to-close doors, and unsightly cables. To give your home a refreshed mini makeover, we often hang large mirrors for our customers in areas that reflect natural light, while installing better quality and more subtle light fittings and fixtures. Creating a calming atmosphere in your home can help you clear your head of unwanted thoughts or worries.

A change of view

Colour has a big impact on mood, and we all respond differently to these visual stimuli. Adding a splash of colour to your home can have many benefits – both practical and emotional. You’ll not only be able to maintain the condition of existing surfaces but also enjoy the psychological benefits of improved aesthetics. When choosing a paint colour for your home, consider what makes you feel most centred, whether that’s something peaceful and tranquil (blues and greens), dynamic and energising (yellows and oranges), or even something devoid of colour that offers clarity and a feeling of cleanliness. When hiring a professional, enquire about different types of paint to protect high-traffic/exposed areas. Some varieties are known for their high resistance, so it pays to do your research and always ensure area preparation is thorough to maximise the lifespan of your home updates.

Our home environment has a huge impact on the overall quality of our lives. The benefits of getting plenty of good sleep, taking care of our skin, having a tidy space to eliminate distractions, and taking time to step away from life’s pressures make for a positive start for any resolutions we have set for ourselves. Home updates go beyond quick makeovers and refreshments; they can also reduce stress levels and improve mental health. If you are looking to take your resolutions to the next level this year, why not invest in yourself by sprucing up your living space? It might be the best decision you make this year.