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Want to perform better, deal with stress and live longer? Join our one-day men’s mental health retreat on June 3, at The Lighthouse Retreat in Ras Al Khaimah.

The full-day package costs AED1,250 – click HERE to book your spot

Men, what is the price of our silence? 

How do we calculate the cost of bottling up the things which impact us? 

Ultimately, there is always a bill to settle with ourselves.

In this powerful episode of ‘the mentl space’, former professional golfer Simon Dunn, founder of The Lighthouse Retreat, shares his deeply personal experience with his own mental health, and how unresolved grief began to show up in his life.

He shares his story as mentl and The Lighthouse Retreat look ahead to their three-day Men’s Mental Health retreat, taking place on the shores and in the desert of Ras Al Khaimah.

In this third episode we go deeper into how mental health shows up in men’s lives, how our inability to talk about it is literally killing us, and explores some more of the activities on offer during the three days, such as a barefoot trek through the desert and a fireside chat under the stars. 

And, we’ll talk about practices which may be new to men, such as Reiki and sound healing. 

If you haven’t checked out our previous two episodes it’s well worth doing so, as we explore the full weekend’s programme.

This includes:

  • ‘Fire and ice’
  • Saunas
  • Icebaths
  • Desert trek
  • Nighttime fireside chat
  • Fasting workshop
  • Goal setting
  • Yoga
  • Paddle boarding
  • Sound healing
  • Reiki

To learn more and join us from the afternoon of March 17 to March 19, visit or WhatsApp +971 55-5169101

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