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Watch the match burn, as it does so do company profits in real time.

Globally disengaged employees cost businesses $8.8 trillion in lost productivity.

In the UAE, companies lost $10.3 billion in a single year.

Burnout levels around the globe are through the roof, according to the Cigna Vitality Study.

Across the Gulf and the world, more than 9 in every 10 employees said they were struggling with burnout.

This impacts your team’s ability to do their jobs effectively.

It damages their health and hurts both productivity and profitability.

Here’s a simple fact, two-thirds of companies put productivity before organizational well-being.

This causes burnout and lost profits.

But focusing on well-being can bring big rewards.

Press play to discover the return on investment your company could achieve.

When your people thrive, so do your profits.

At mentl, we are storytellers and strategists, content creators and consultants.

Grounded in proven behavioural science, our methods don’t tick boxes they move needles.

We are trusted mental health advocates who start conversations, reach hearts and minds, and change cultures.

Stop throwing stones

Imagine you drop a pebble into a pool, all too soon the ripples die away.

This can cause well-being initiatives to fail or fall short. If they are delivered in silos, and not communicated effectively, internally or externally, their impact is less.

Think of it this way – how often do you talk to your customers? The communication is always on for a reason.

You don’t let the ripples fade away with them – we don’t with your people.