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Workplace Stress

If you look at any recent research it will tell you that our young people are struggling with their mental health.

Whether it’s the Cigna Vitality Report, the World Happiness Report, or the Mental State of the World 2023 report,  younger generations who are entering the world of work are not thriving.

With that as a backdrop, the role of mentoring has never been more vital.

And so, on the latest episode of ‘the mentl space’ podcast, we explore an innovative new partnership between Gates Hospitality and Dubai College of Tourism, aimed at providing mentorship to students venturing into one of the most dynamic and fast-paced hospitality and tourism sectors in the world.

In this conversation, Naim Maadad, CEO and founder of Gates Hospitality, and Elham Bolooki, Experiential Learning Manager at DCT, underscore the importance of mentorship in preparing the next generation of professionals.

The collaboration encompasses various initiatives, such as guest speaker sessions, industry visits, intern recruitment, and the innovative Culinary Arts Apprenticeship program, emphasizing the diverse opportunities for mentorship within the industry.

Naim’s unpacks why he is so dedicated to attracting new talent while promoting mental well-being among individuals entering the industry.

And, Ellen’s insights into preparing students for the realities of the industry further highlight the proactive role of educational institutions in equipping learners with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Their discussion explores the transformative power of mentorship in shaping the future workforce and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

 By offering guidance, support, and practical experiences, mentors play a pivotal role in nurturing talent, building resilience, and instilling valuable skills in individuals entering the workforce.

Five Ways to Be a Mentor

1. Provide Guidance

 Offer direction, advice, and insights to help mentees navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

2. Share Experiences:

Share personal experiences, both successes and failures, to provide valuable lessons and perspectives.

3. Offer Support:

Be a supportive presence for mentees, offering encouragement, feedback, and solutions to overcome obstacles.

4. Encourage Growth:

Foster a culture of learning and growth by challenging mentees to expand their skills, knowledge, and capabilities.

5. Lead by Example:

Demonstrate leadership qualities, integrity, and professionalism to inspire and motivate mentees to strive for excellence in their endeavors.