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Being fired is traumatic, but being fired by the most powerful man in the world, arguably, in the most public of ways after just 11 days? That’s going to hurt.

Anthony Scaramucci spent less than a fortnight as the White House Communications Director. Days into the job, Scaramucci provoked controversy after launching a strongly-worded attack on members of the Trump Administration,

‘The Mooch’ as he is affectionately known spoke to mentl’s Scott Armstrong, about his firing, and about the need for greater empathy with each other.

“I may give the appearance of great personal security. But when I got my ass fired from the White House, Scott, it was total humiliation, it was total.

“I mean, literally, they skinned me alive, blew me out into Pennsylvania Avenue, rolled me and Margarita salt. And I was taken out by every late night comedian and lit up on Saturday live.

“So I’m just like, you know, that was a very rough period of time for me. And you start to question everything about what is going on.

“So I think it’s very important for people to see the vulnerability of each other, you know, whether it’s a world leader, or it’s a business executive, or a mother, a father or a brother, you know, we’re all dealing with our various tribulations and our various levels of worry and anxieties about life.

“And so I think there’s comfort in that too. Am I wrong about that? I think, as we all I think, our break down each other and see each other’s vulnerabilities, all of a sudden, we feel more connected, and I think there’s more grace and comfort.”

Since his infamous ousting, he has has moved forward, returning his focus to the investment firm he founded SkyBridge Capital, plus launching his own podcast Mooch FM.

Speaking about mental health, Anthony told Scott: “You know, obviously running a company, I’m concerned about people’s mental health. I think COVID has created an additional layer of anxiety for small businesses in the United States, in the UK and sure in the UAE, they have felt the stress of this, particularly restaurants as we both know.

“I’m wondering if this is making us mentally tougher? Or is this making it more anxious? I had the opportunity this summer to go to the Jordanian desert I participated in celebrity Special Forces. We had two Navy SEALs beating our brains in, but I left I left there I think physically and mentally tougher. I also left there with a lower expectation about life. I’m wondering if our expectations are reduced does our gratitude goes up. Does that make us happier? Again? I don’t know the answer. I’m just wondering out loud.”

And, like so many of us, Anthony has he own personal whys for wanting to talk about mental health.

“We have mental health issues in my family,” he told Scott. “My brother’s struggle with drug addiction, which we’ve talked about on my podcast, we’ve got a whole host of different things.

“And I think it’s important, one of the things I love about what you’re doing Scott, is that it’s important to share these things with other people, because like you said, it opens up their minds.

“When you’re not feeling well, or you have any anxiety, you do think, ‘Okay, well, it must be me, it can’t be anybody else. That guy looks great on Instagram. Oh, that person looks wonderful on Facebook. So they must not never have any anxiety, I must be the only person that has it’.

“And so, you know, that’s the irony? We are all going through our various degrees of tribulation, you know. I watched my bitcoin go from $68,000 to $17,000, okay, so, you know, what can I tell you? If you want me to tell you that that didn’t create any anxiety in me, I’m telling you that it did, it’s just the way it works.”

Watch the youtube link below to listen to the full conversation.