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From the outside Azeem Rafiq’s life seemed to be ticking all the boxes, with sporting success on the cricket pitch playing for England and for Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

But there was something rotten in the state of the sport, racism, and it was eating away at the young man. 

And despite trying to fit it, and becoming the first player of Asian origin to captain Yorkshire, he was losing himself and so he had to speak out. That courage would cost him his playing career and start the beginning of a long and arduous road.

In this powerful episode of ‘the mentl space‘, Azeem Rafiq talks about how blowing the whistle locked him on a collision course with those at the top of the game over racism, the mental health battles he has endured, how faith and family pulled him back from the brink of suicide, and how he lives with the grief of losing his stillborn baby son.

Amid all of this, and despite being forced to move his family from the UK to Dubai after speaking out, he remains committed to creating opportunities for young people in cricket and supporting mental health charities. 

This is an honest and inspiring conversation about resilience, perseverance and coming through dark times to focus on making a positive impact on others’ lives.


00:00:00 Call For Organisations To Invest In Overlooked Talent In Sports And Corporate Sectors
00:05:02 Finding Identity Beyond the Game: How Azeem Rafiq Overcame the Loss of Cricket and Rediscovered Himself
00:07:23 From Devotion to Betrayal: How Speaking Out on Racism in Cricket Cost Me Everything
00:12:34 Confronting Prejudice: A Cricketer’s Perspective on Yorkshire’s Controversial Response
00:17:20 Unmasking the Truth: A Powerful Account of Racism and Targeted Attacks
00:18:32 Behind Closed Doors: The Hidden Impact on Mental Health and Privacy
00:24:50 Unveiling the Truth: Challenging Misreported Events and Seeking Clarity in a Complex World
00:26:22 From Regret to Resilience: A Journey of Growth and Redemption
00:33:54 Living in a Cricket Bubble: Reflecting on Success and Family Support
00:36:09 From Cricket Success to Personal Struggles: A Journey of Identity and Fitting In
00:41:42 Overcoming Darkness: A Candid Conversation on Mental Health and Family Support
00:44:53 Unveiling the Hidden Struggles: The Tragic Reality of Young Athletes
00:52:21 From Personal Struggles to Meaningful Change: How One Individual is Using Their Platform for Research and Solutions
00:54:37 From Lucky Breaks to Golden Visas: The Inspiring Journey of Determination and Connection
00:57:45 From Workplace Struggles to Heartbreaking Loss: A Journey of Resilience and Hope
01:01:47 A Father’s Heartbreaking Experience Of Losing His Baby
01:03:41 Finding Love and Support in the Midst of Loss and Financial Struggles
01:05:47 Confronting the Unthinkable: A Journey Through Loss and Resilience
01:07:35 Breaking the Silence: A Cricket Player’s Plea for Mental Health Support
01:14:53 Unleashing Untapped Potential: The Urgent Call for Organisations to Recognise and Nurture Hidden Talent in the Asian community