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Workplace Stress

“2024 will be a key 12 months for wellbeing at work, and mentl is starting the year as we mean to go on, elevating the conversation across the Gulf.”

That’s the message from mentl founder Scott Armstrong as he was confirmed as the chair of the upcoming Wellbeing at Work Summit Middle East, with our mental health advocacy platform proud to be a strategic partner for the summits.

This year, the 8th Middle East summit aims to transform how Gulf companies approach employee health.

Conference Overview

From February 20th to 22nd, Riyadh and Dubai will host over 30 expert speakers, uniting HR professionals and business leaders to foster talent development through mental health initiatives. Attendees will gain insights from global entities like Ford, SAP and Novartis, alongside regional giants such as Etihad Airways, EGA, Red Sea Global, and Zain.

Expert Insights on Employee Wellbeing

The summit will showcase how multinational and regional companies leverage workplace wellbeing to boost both staff welfare and business performance, sharing success stories and strategies that resonate across the UAE and beyond.

Networking and Knowledge Exchange

With interactive panel discussions and roundtables, the summit offers unparalleled networking opportunities. Our ‘mentl space: live’ podcast will sit down with guests both at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers Riyadh and PwC Dubai Experience Centre to further enrich the dialogue.

Celebrating Excellence in Workplace Wellbeing

We’ll be diving into the success of ‘the mentl awards 2023’ and we hear from winners of our inaugural awards in a panel session in both countries unlocking the secrets of their success as we look ahead to ‘the mentl awards 2024’ – which this year, for the first time, will be open to entrants across the GCC.

A Festival of Learning and Development

This three-day event also includes a virtual learning day, inviting senior HR, wellness, and business professionals to elevate their health and wellbeing strategies, shaping a positive workplace culture.

Industry Leaders

Scott Armstrong, founder of mentl, said: “I’m delighted that mentl this year is taking its involvement with the summit to another level, and it’s a personal honour to serve as the conference chair.

“Across the Gulf challenges inside organisations remain, with employees continue to struggle with their mental health. Our mission is to show companies that it is good business to be a good business.

“I can’t wait to sit down with a fantastic lineup of industry leaders to discover what is working, and how that is making a difference to their people, performance, and profits.”

Mark Rix, Group Managing Director – Wellbeing at Work (Sonas Group), said: “More than ever before, CHROs have an opportunity to be at the forefront of business strategy and help shape more humanistic organisations that prioritise workplace wellbeing.

“The data is clear. Those organisations that choose to make wellbeing at work a strategic priority out-perform their competitors – organisations that support their people to feel psychologically and socially safe, have more capacity, more creativity and perform at a much higher level, attracting the best talent.”

Join the Conversation

Join the Wellbeing at Work Summit Middle East to be part of this transformative movement and drive your organisation towards a more productive, creative, and humanistic future.

Secure your place at the forefront of workplace wellbeing. Register now for the 8th Wellbeing at Work Summit Middle East and be part of the conversation shaping the future of HR and mental health in the workplace.