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The New Year often leads us to reflect on the previous year and set out new intentions for the year to come.

It’s often seen as a chance to start fresh, to leave old habits behind, begin new ones, and to challenge ourselves with new goals or ambitions.

One of the most frequent goals set at the start of January is to take part in a ‘dry’ month as millions of people from all corners of the world, writes Erika Blazeviciute Doyle, founder of Drink Dry.

Giving up a bad habit isn’t always easy and we often underestimate the challenges that we will face- no matter how determined we are to achieve something! To help, we have compiled some of our top tips to get through Dry January (and beyond!).

Don’t do it alone – It’s commonly known that trying to achieve something on your own is often more challenging and is where most people fail when it comes to Dry January. Whether it’s going to the gym, losing weight or quitting alcohol, it’s easier when you’re doing it with a friend.  Why not join a Facebook forum or group chat with others who are taking part? These communities are full of tips, tricks and support from people who are likely facing the same challenges as you!

Forget the FOMO – There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to decline to attend social gatherings so that you don’t fail and give in to temptation. This is likely to make you resent giving up drinking alcohol or feeling isolated from friends. Taking a permanent or short-term break from alcohol has become easier with the vast amount of alternatives on the market.

Find a new hobby- Usually spend your weekends nursing a hangover or filled with post- alcohol hang-xiety? Why not use your new- found free time to try a new hobby? Whether it’s Paddle, a fun dance class at FitnGlam or simply doing something productive such as learning to play an instrument, you’ll be so grateful for the extra hours that you find yourself with.

Find new ways to reward yourself- Do you find that you often associate rewarding yourself with alcohol; to celebrate an achievement or just for getting through a long day at work? Why not find a more positive alternative?

Try saving the money you aren’t spending on alcohol and putting it towards a dream vacation or treat yourself to a facial at Cornerstone, a new handbag or creating memories that you’ll actually remember!

Finally, make it fun – Why not host a cocktail party and introduce your friends to your favourite non- alcoholic tipples?