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the mentl awards 2023

On the latest episode of ‘the mentl space’ podcast, we shine the spotlight on the remarkable story of Emirati Adel AlFalasi, winner of the Mental Health Hero at ‘the mentl awards 2023.’

Adel’s journey is a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit, serving as an inspiration to many. The episode delved into the challenges he faced, the pivotal moments in his life, and the impact of receiving the prestigious award.

Mental Health Stigma

Adel’s journey began with the stigma surrounding mental health in his community. Growing up, he experienced mental health struggles, which were misunderstood and attributed to supernatural causes. The lack of awareness and education about mental health only exacerbated his challenges. Adel candidly shared his experiences of hearing voices and the difficulty of being misunderstood by his family and community, who perceived his condition as possession or black magic.

His turning point came when he experienced a stroke and sought medical attention, ultimately leading him to the care of the inspirational Dr. Nahida Nayaz Ahmed. This opened new avenues of exploration into his creativity, particularly through art. The pivotal moment where his artwork was exhibited, marked a significant shift in his perception of his own talents and abilities. The positive reception and feedback he received at the conference were transformative, instilling in him a newfound confidence and enthusiasm for his creative endeavors.

A Beacon of Hope

Listen now to Adel AlFalasi’s powerful story, which we hope can be as a beacon of hope and empowerment, challenging the boundaries of stigma and isolation associated with mental health.

Through his courage and openness, Adel has not only transformed his own life but also ignited a ripple effect, inspiring others to speak up, seek help, and embrace their creative talents.