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As we look ahead we look back…

With 2024 hours away, we’re reflecting on a big year for the mental health conversation in 2023 and for mentl.

So, as this year comes to a close, here’s our – or rather your – top five listens, watches and reads over the past 12 months

Top 5 podcasts listened to:

“It can be lifesaving” Why it’s time to talk about your mental health: with Sam Browning

Turning down the heat – why leaders need a recipe for respect: with Dr. Naim Maadad

You can run, but you can’t hide from your mental health: with Dana Shaddad and Nigel Prasad

CEOs ‘must open their hearts and minds’ if they want to survive: with James Michael Lafferty

The adventurers’ guide to mental health: With Mark Hannaford (DSc) FEWM and Nikki McLeary

Top 5 youtube watched:

CEOs ‘must open their hearts and minds’ if they want to survive

The road to inclusivity – creating work places where all thrive: with Monica Hernandez Alarcon of General Motors Africa & Middle East

Selfish, lazy, entitled? How to help Gen Z enter the workplace: with Dr Zoë Fortune, PhD

Unlocking the secret to effective teamwork: The Importance of psychological safety and purpose: with Andy Fieldhouse

Disability didn’t define me, but discrimination almost broke me – now I‘m fighting back: with Jessica Smith OAM PLY

Top five reads:

We are throwing Gen Z into a workplace inferno

Are millions of GCC workers suffering poor mental health?

the mentl space: live – life, work and being better: with Sam HarveyCalvin Lee-Pickett and Charlotte Spurway

Brave Emirati named Mental Health Hero: with ADEL ALFALASI

What does happiness mean to you? – with Nahida Nayaz AhmedKris FadeAli MatarDr. Sara Al DallalDr. Louise LambertMimi NicklinHelen Farmer