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Workplace Stress

The world of work isn’t happy, and it’s getting unhappier by the day, but can positive psychology turn the tide?

That’s one of the questions we put to Dr. Louise Lambert, Head of Happiness Policy, Programming, and Research with HappinessMatters, on the latest episode of ‘the mentl space’ podcast.

Our conversation delves into the intricate aspects of well-being, touching on the quest for happiness, both personally and professionally, the influence of positive psychology, and the pressures in society that shape our perceptions of contentment.

We explore the importance of adopting evidence-based strategies for enhancing well-being inside companies.

We discuss the various pathways to happiness, such as engaging in activities that bring fulfillment, finding meaning and purpose through volunteering or spiritual beliefs, and nurturing relationships to foster personal growth.

Dr Lambert discusses the concept of personal responsibility in well-being, distinguishing between individual accountability and the role of external factors in shaping one’s happiness at work and in relationships.

The professor underlines the need for individuals and organisations to embrace strategies aiming to promote a positive environment and overall life satisfaction.

This podcast is a must-listen for any organisation wanting to make change.

Key Ways Companies Can Improve Wellbeing:

1. Implement evidence-based strategies for enhancing well-being.

2. Encourage a balanced approach to happiness, incorporating activities that bring fulfillment and meaning.

3. Foster positive relationships and personal growth opportunities.

4. Advocate for removing barriers to career progression within the organisation.

5. Support employee resilience and well-being through constructive feedback and optimism-building initiatives.