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Startup Stress

What are your goals in life? Want to be a better parent? Start a business or get promoted at work? Feel fitter or embrace your own wellbeing and enjoy better mental health.

Or perhaps it’s all of above for 2024. 

While no one thing by itself could achieve all of those goals, is there a first step you can take that puts you on the path to those goals?

Well in this episode of ‘the mentl space podcast’ we explore how the desire to have a family and overcome seeming infertility led to the birth of not only three healthy children but also a business for Erika Blazeviciute Doyle, founder of Drink Dry, after she gave up alcohol, a habit which still plays a part in many expats lives.

Are you one of the five types of people who could benefit from less alcohol in your lives, and what are the benefits? 

Parenting goals

Individuals who are looking to be better parents and feel the growing conversation and increasing awareness around this. They may feel guilt about not being as present for their children as they would like to be due to work commitments or a blended lifestyle, and seek to have the energy and presence to play with their children and show up as the best version of themselves.

Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

Those who are focused on building their careers or businesses and seek mental clarity and sharpness to pursue their life missions. They may be part of the business crowd and are driven by the need for more time to achieve their professional goals.

Fitness Enthusiasts

People whose whole existence revolves around fitness and their fitness goals. Cutting out alcohol may align with their physical health and well-being objectives, such as monitoring calorie intake and maintaining their physical appearance.

Wellness and Well-being Seekers

Individuals who are focused on overall wellness and well-being, and are interested in products that contribute to their holistic health beyond just physical aspects. 

Those Seeking to Have It All

Consumers who do not necessarily fit into a single bracket and may possess characteristics of multiple segments, such as being both an entrepreneur and a parent, or being interested in fitness along with other aspects. 

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Dive in and explore, in a judgment-free conversation, what considering alternatives to alcohol may do for you.