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This Mental Health Awareness Month, mentl, a leading mental health advocacy platform, and Christensen Consultancy, a pioneer in diveristy, equity and inclusion (DEI), are joining forces to combat workplace mental health challenges across the UAE.

Recent statistics illuminate a costly issue: approximately 12 billion workdays are lost annually due to mental health concerns, costing the global economy around US$1 trillion in lost productivity (WHO). This issue is exacerbated by factors such as excessive workloads, job insecurity, and workplace discrimination, which significantly impact employee well-being and organisational output.

In response, Mentl and Christensen Consultancy are embarking on a join mission this May to transform corporate mental health policies and practices. Their collaboration will focus on reducing workplace stigma and fostering supportive, inclusive work environments where employees and organisations can thrive.

Key Initiatives for Mental Health Awareness Month:

  • Interactive Workshops: A series of online sessions focusing on mental health awareness, stress management, resilience building, and strategies for dealing with burnout.
  • Mental Health Toolkits: Tailored resources for employees, managers, and HR practitioners that provide practical strategies for recognising, managing, and supporting mental health at work.

These include:

  • Employee Toolkit: Empowers employees to manage their mental health, access resources, and cultivate a supportive community.
  • Manager Toolkit: Equips managers with the skills to recognise mental health issues, support team members effectively, and maintain a mentally healthy team environment.
  • HR Practitioner Toolkit: Offers comprehensive resources for HR professionals to develop and implement mental health strategies throughout the organisation.

A new standard for mental health advocacy

Sarah Christensen, founder of Christensen Consultancy, states, “Our dedication to fostering inclusive cultures is at the heart of our mission. Partnering with Mentl reinforces our commitment to enhancing psychological well-being and ensuring every individual feels included, valued and supported.”

Scott Armstrong, founder of mentl and host of ‘the mentl space’ podcast, adds, “Our partnership with Christensen Consultancy marks a pivotal step in our journey to reshape mental health in the workplace. Together, we aim to create environments where ‘together we thrive’ is not just a principle, but a practice.”

This partnership promises to set a new standard for mental health advocacy in the workplace, driving significant change in how companies across the UAE approach employee well-being.