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The corporate world is often described as a jungle – but what can the C-Suite learn from those who have operated in the most extreme locations on the planet?

In the latest episode of ‘the mentl space’ podcast we sit down with two remarkable guests Mark Hannaford and Nikki McLeary.

Each brings a wealth of experience from the worlds of extreme adventure and medicine, offering insights on human capability and the transformative power of extreme environments.

Mark Hannaford’s role as an adventurer, pioneer, entrepreneur, and founder of World Extreme Medicine has seen him create a global network focused on delivering medical training for extreme environments.

Mark began World Extreme Medicine 20 years ago to ensure the safety of clients on risky expeditions by training medics for challenging environments.

His organisation runs the World Extreme Medicine Conference in Scotland. This event has attracted the likes of Jane Goodall and Tom Cruise, showing the interest and support from varied sectors, emphasizing the desire to share knowledge widely and break down silos between different disciplines.

Mark emphasizes that despite the seemingly glamorous depiction of expeditions, the real conditions are tough. The lessons learned from these experiences are valuable for life and overcoming daily challenges.

Nikki McCleary, adventure scientist and science lead for World Extreme Medicine, is recognised for her expertise in human performance science.

Nikki offers mechanisms to help individuals excel, emphasizing the importance of healthcare settings where extreme medicine aids both technical and non-technical skills development for healthcare professionals.

She describes the ‘Expedition Method’ created in the UAE, which applies lessons from the wild to improve communication, complex problem-solving, and strategic thinking in traditional workspaces, educational settings, and healthcare institutions.

Nikki believes the core skills learned in extreme environments, be it communication or problem-solving, have applications beyond the field, impacting everyday life and work in powerful, transformative ways.

This episode is a journey into human resilience, leadership. Whether you’re a professional seeking innovative strategies or simply intrigued by extreme adventures and their lessons, this episode promises to shift your perspective and inspire you to think beyond conventional boundaries.