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At mentl we believe that everyone should thrive. We believe in having honest, open conversations.

We believe in tackling the stigma of mental health, whether in the workplace or in our community.

We believe we all prosper when we lift others up. And, that’s why we are launching our first celebration.

For the public sector, for private companies, for inspiring individuals.

It’s time to shine a spotlight on those who have stepped forward and are making significant strides in the mental health conversation.

Independent, respected, meaningful

Our awards are given purely on merit.

Recipients will be chosen by an independent jury of respected leaders from the public and private sector.

Healthcare professionals, mental health champions, CEOs and industry leaders, well-being advocates and inspiring individuals who push boundaries, their vote and their vote alone will determine which organisations are celebrating at our gala awards celebration in Dubai on November 10.

Award Judges

It’s time to shine

We believe it is time to hero the game-changers, the unsung champions in our workplaces and communities, who are transforming the way we approach mental health.

‘the mentl awards 2023’ is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at celebrating those champions of mental health in corporate environments, public sector institutions, and educational establishments.

It’s time to recognise those who have taken a stand to make a difference.

Everyone’s invited

In a world where mental health is often overshadowed, our awards seek to bring this critical aspect of wellbeing to the forefront.

We are dedicated to recognising outstanding achievements in numerous industries, from finance and healthcare to education and logistics, and all sectors in between.

Small businesses and big corporations, start-ups and industry giants, public sector organisations and hospitality venues, everyone is invited.

This is your chance to shout about the passionate work you or your organisation has been doing to move the needle.

Categories for companies & institutions

Our awards are open to all from the public and private sector, from start ups & SMEs to major corporates and government department. From heavy industry to creative services, from cutting edge technology to those at the front line of care, we want to amplify and showcase the best practice from all sectors and raise the bar in mental health.

Each category costs AED500 plus VAT to enter and organisations can nominate as many different projects or initiatives that they feel meet the criteria. For the full criteria for each category and general rules and conditions click here.

Mental Health Heroes 2023

Our individual awards are open to all to honour the work are people from all levels who have made a contribution to tackling stigma and advancing the mental health conversation.

From influential public figures who have advocated for better health to inspiring individuals who have overcome barriers such as mental health conditions to succeed – note this category will be free to enter.

And we’ll announce our Mental Health Champion 2023. For the full criteria for each category and general rules and conditions click here.

Not all heroes wear capes

Become an official sponsor of ‘the mentl awards 2023’ and help us amplify our mission and stand out as a champion of the cause.

For sponsorship inquires see our opportunities here and please email to become a hero to the awards.