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We’re bombarded constantly with messages about exercise and how we should be doing it, especially with a view to our self-image and aesthetics.

But, does the power of exercise go beyond skin deep? What is the impact beyond the shallow comparison of social media images? Can exercise actually make you smarter? And, what do the scientists, rather than the influencers, tell us? 

On ‘the mentl space’ podcast we sat down with Dr. Brendon Stubbs of King’s College London, a renowned expert in the field of exercise and mental health for more than two decades.

Dr Stubbs had travelled to Gulf for the regional launch of Mind Games, a massive experiment carried out with global sports brand Asics, to determine whether physical exercise really can boost the performance of the brain.

And the results were surprising…

Profound transformations from exercise

Dr. Stubbs shared inspiring stories with the podcast from participants in the Mind Games experiments, highlighting the incredible impact of exercise on individuals. He emphasised, “Engaging in physical activity and exercise has a plethora of benefits on people’s physical, mental, and cognitive health.” The studies conducted by Dr. Stubbs revealed impressive cognitive enhancements and an enhanced state of mind among participants.

The mind-body connection

The podcast also touched upon the powerful connection between exercise and mental health. Dr. Stubbs highlighted the importance of exercise in improving mental well-being, “Exercise transforms not only your physical health but also your mental well-being.” The research conducted by Dr. Stubbs showcased significant reductions in anxiety levels and improvements in confidence among participants.

Breaking barriers and tackling isolation

Dr. Stubbs salso hed light on the role of exercise in breaking the silence surrounding mental health and fostering a sense of community.”Exercise and community play a vital role in tackling isolation and mental health challenges.” Through exercise, individuals can find support, connection, and a sense of belonging, ultimately leading to improved mental well-being.

The power of exercise in the workplace

The conversation also explored the transformative impact of physical activity on employee performance and well-being. Dr. Stubbs stressed the need for employers to prioritise physical activity, stating, “Your employees are your asset. Supporting them to engage in physical activity can sharpen their mind performance, reduce burnout, and decrease sickness days.” Incorporating exercise into the workplace can create a happier, more productive workforce.

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The podcast highlighted the profound transformations that exercise can bring to our lives. From cognitive enhancements to improved mental well-being, exercise has the power to positively impact every aspect of our physical and mental health. 

Dr. Stubbs’ research and inspiring stories showcased the importance of exercise in breaking barriers, fostering community, and enhancing workplace performance. It is clear that exercise is not just about physical fitness but also about nurturing our mental well-being. 

Listen / watch the podcast now and learn what the science has to teach us.

Chapter List: 

Chapter 1: Tips For Building A Healthy Exercise Routine

– Timestamp: 00:00

Chapter 2: Exploring The Impact Of Exercise On Cognitive Function In Elite Performers: The Mind Games Experiment

– Timestamp: 02:47

Chapter 3: Mind Uplift: The Minimum Threshold For Mental Health Improvement Through Exercise

– Timestamp: 17:23

Chapter 4: Breaking The Stigma: Mental Health Impacts Everyone

– Timestamp: 23:06

Chapter 5: The Transformative Power Of Sport And Exercise: Inspiring Individual Journeys

– Timestamp: 27:08

Chapter 6: Tips For Building A Healthy Exercise Routine

– Timestamp: 31:28

Chapter 7: Unlocking the Mind-Body Connection: Exploring the Impact of Exercise on Performance and Function

– Timestamp: 36:43