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Workplace Stress

Is your team toxic, and does it really have to be?

In this episode of ‘the mentl space’ podcast, Andy Fieldhouse, founder of The Team Space, a team coach and author, discusses the importance of effective teamwork and how to improve team dynamics.

The best-selling author of ‘Getting Teamwork Right’ draws on his 15 years of experience in team development and coaching to provide insights on how to optimise team performance.

One key factor we discuss is the importance of choice, where team members voluntarily choose to do their best work and contribute to the team’s success. This requires creating an environment where team members feel a sense of purpose and meaning in their work, beyond just financial incentives.

We also drill into the importance of psychological safety in teams – building a climate of trust and openness where individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves and sharing their thoughts and ideas without fear of negative consequences.

Creating such a climate can be challenging, especially in multicultural teams where different cultural dynamics and norms can make it difficult for some individuals to feel psychologically safe. However, Fieldhouse tells the podcast why psychological safety is a fundamental human need and how it can be developed over time through conscious effort and team agreements.

We discuss effective teamwork and the importance of focusing on relationships between team members. He compares relationships to a bank account of positivity and negativity, where positive interactions and trust build up a reserve that can be drawn on in challenging times.

And what is the importance of purpose and meaning?  Can it provide motivation beyond financial incentives and inspire individuals to do their best work?

Dial in and learn more about:

  • The importance of choice in driving engagement and contribution from team members
  • Creating a sense of purpose and meaning beyond financial incentives
  • The challenge of creating psychological safety in multicultural teams
  • The role of relationships and building a reserve of positivity in effective teamwork
  • The importance of purpose and meaning in driving motivation and inspiration
  • Examples of successful teamwork and the impact of a coaching-based approach
  • The importance of communication in the workplace
  • The impact of poor communication on a company’s success
  • Common communication issues in the workplace, such as unclear messaging and lack of feedback
  • Strategies for improving communication, such as active listening and regular check-ins
  • The role of technology in workplace communication, including its benefits and potential drawbacks
  • The importance of cultural awareness in communication
  • The benefits of effective workplace communication, such as increased productivity and job satisfaction.