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We’re living in an age where stress and anxiety have become pervasive.

Our 25/8 culture means that a search for alternative methods of healing and relaxation is necessary, just to keep some sense of balance in an unbalanced world.

But for men, even the word ‘alternative’ can trigger skepticism.

And, so we’re inviting guys to our Men’s Retreat in collaboration with The Lighthouse Retreat on the shores of the Arabian Gulf in Ras al Khaimah this Saturday, June 3.

In the menu of activities for the day are sound healing and Reiki, two practices shown to target the stress centres in our body and minds.

The full-day package costs AED1,250 – click HERE to book your spot

The power of sound healing

Sound healing uses the vibrational frequencies of sound to harmonise the body and mind.

For skeptical men, it’s crucial to understand that sound healing is not merely an esoteric concept but grounded in scientific principles.

Research suggests that sound therapy can reduce stress, enhance mental clarity, and improve sleep patterns. By exposing oneself to various healing sounds such as Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, or gongs, individuals can experience a state of deep relaxation and release emotional blockages.

Simon Dunn, former professional golfer and founder of The Lighthouse Retreat told mentl: “So sound healing has got a number of different forms. But in essence, what you’re trying to do is create a sound bath or an environment of sound waves, that helps rejuvenate and heal the body in a way that it gives the body an opportunity to relax, get into a meditative state, and see where that journey takes you.

“So, the sound healing that we will be doing at the retreat will be using Himalayan Nepalese bowls, their metal bowls that have specific frequencies and sounds that correlate to different chakras and the chakra system within the body.

“The idea is that we use frequencies vibrations and sounds from these bowls to create an environment where you receive the sounds, and the body gets to hardwire itself into a brainwave state.

“So the body goes into similar brainwave states as in deep sleep. So you’re talking about things like alpha beta theta brainwave states that your body gets into, like these deep healing states of meditation. So much so individuals quite often have an experience when you go into a sound healing session, you go into what would be a deep sleep, or deep meditative sleep. And they’re like, ‘Wow, I’ve just feel like I’ve been asleep like four hours’.”

Reiki for skeptical men

Reiki, is a Japanese healing technique, focuses on channeling universal life energy to restore balance and promote healing. Numerous individuals have reported reduced anxiety, increased vitality, and improved overall well-being after Reiki treatments.

Simon said: “The universe is full of energy. And the idea is that the Reiki practitioner helps to try and channel energy within the universe and from your guys and relatives that are out there in the ether.

“It sound can sound a bit woo woo but the easiest way I can explain it from an experiential point of view is that our first retreats we went to, my wife and I were working in the nuclear industry. And my wife and I both did physics at university, and so in our first retreat, she was like, ‘What’s this energy rubbish? Where does it come from? What does it do? What’s the answer? You know, you must explain it to me.’

“And she experienced it, something happened, and it actually changed her life. And she’s now a Reiki Grandmaster.”

The full-day package costs AED1,250 – click HERE to book your spot