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the mentl awards 2023

How important is your humanity in the office? How can leaders inspire themselves and their teams to succeed? And, what really works in workplace wellbeing?

These were just three of the questions ‘the mentl space: live’ discussed as our podcast hit the road for the first of a series of free community events. 

We drew together a panel of experts to tackle the conversation in front of a live audience filmed at LVL Wellbeing in Dubai – winner of the most supportive tech company in the recent ‘the mentl awards 2023‘.  

Podcast host, and mentl founder, Scott Armstrong was joined by Calvin Lee-Pickett, CEO & founder at Calvin James Recruitment – a finalist in ‘the mentl awards 2023’, Charlotte (Charlie) Spurway, psychologist and therapist and Sam Harvey, chief performance officer with LVL Wellbeing.

On the podcast they discussed a range of topics including the paradox of increasing loneliness despite the economic opportunity available in today’s world, the importance of maintaining biodiversity and creating deeper connections, the challenges and potential solutions within hierarchical company structures, and the navigation of the contemporary job market with its cultural complexities.

They addressed issues including boosting employee satisfaction through rewards and freedom of choice and how reflective leadership can increase business success over the next decade.

The panel discussed the importance of creating a psychologically safe space for teams by sharing personal experiences and taking a leap of trust, and the conversations reflected on the evolving nature of the corporate world, highlighting how companies and individuals alike must adapt and transform to seize new opportunities.

They also dove into personal growth stemming from hardship, how taking responsibility for one’s part in relationships and events can lead to prosperity and how to avoid the stagnation of blame.

And, they delved into the impact of family background and core or limiting beliefs on current behaviors, acknowledging the potential influence of childhood and parenting on adult life.

Top 10 insights from the podcast: 

1. It is the joint responsibility of both the employer and employee to create an optimal workspace for performance.

2. Employers need training to better understand employee motivations and issues, which will benefit the business overall.

3. By unpacking negative core beliefs about ourselves and others, we can become more empathetic and emotionally intelligent, allowing us to understand behavior better.

4. To improve oneself, it’s important to make swift behavior changes and engage in deep introspection to discover true personal identity and purpose.

5. Understanding how limiting beliefs from childhood can impact adult behavior can help in developing a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

6. Recognising and changing unhealthy coping mechanisms can improve communication and emotional responses in difficult situations.

7. Continue advocating for the wellness movement as it is beneficial for all involved and should be an ongoing effort.

8. In a fast-paced environment, it’s important to take a step back sometimes and reassess why you’re doing what you’re doing.

9. Embrace a co-created culture within teams, which can lead to more enjoyable and beneficial perks for team members.

10. Fulfillment can be derived from helping people perform and feel better through vulnerability.