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How often do we listen, truly listen, to the person we are talking to – rather than waiting for them to finish so we can deliver our reply?

In this special podcast celebrating the launch of ‘the mentl awards 2023’, Scott Armstrong is joined by Mimi Nicklin, Creative Chief Executive Officer of Freedm agency and best-selling author of ‘Softening the Edge’.

Scheduled to take place on October 12 in Dubai, ‘the mentl awards 2023’ will be a gala celebration of the extraordinary efforts and achievements in the field of mental health.

The winners will be chosen by an independent jury of respected leaders from the public and private sectors, including healthcare professionals, mental health champions, Paralympians, athletes, CEOs, industry leaders, and well-being advocates. They will cast their vote to determine which organisations and individuals will be honoured at the event.

Mimi is member of that illustrious independent jury who will judge entrants across 36 categories covering the public and private sector and inspiring individuals.

In this episode, Mimi unpacks why empathy can be the antidote to loneliness, revealing just how damaging that lack of connection can be to our health and wellbeing.

Just how many of us across the world are lonely? The figure will surprise you, dive into this powerful episode and gain more insights from Mimi, and learn more about ‘the mentl awards 2023

10 Key Ideas from this episode exploring empathy with Mimi Nicklin:

1. Timestamp 01:12: Mimi’s passion is to create more empathy in the world through her book “Softening The Edge” and her podcast “The Mimi You Show.”

2. Timestamp 12:35: Research shows that a third of people in this region experience daily anger and stress in the workplace.

3. Timestamp 13:10: Mimi discusses the global issue of burnout and the fast-paced nature of life.

4. Timestamp 14:35: The conversation around mental health and empathy is prominent in the region, with mental health awards and insurance companies focusing on this topic.

5. Timestamp 16:58: Mimi emphasises the importance of understanding that social media doesn’t reflect reality and that comparing oneself to others can lead to burnout.

6. Timestamp 18:38: Mimi finds energy and happiness in making a difference and helping others.

7. Timestamp 20:28: Mimi acknowledges that buzzwords like empathy are commonly used but believes in their effectiveness.

8. Timestamp 21:03: Mimi feels her purpose is to help people and make a difference, even if it may seem like a big brand word.

9. Timestamp 27:05: Mimi discusses the impact of social media on propagating certain narratives and the need to avoid getting sidetracked.

10. Timestamp 29:41: The key to overcoming loneliness is to listen to each other and strive to understand rather than just reply.