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Let’s face it – balancing work and family is no easy feat in today’s fast-paced world.

That’s why creating parent-friendly workplaces is more important than ever, but the latest research shows that the business benefits of supporting mums and dads are clear.

Here in the UAE, the Parent Friendly Label program is encouraging organisations to foster environments that support working parents.

But what does that really mean for employees and the economy?

Happier, more loyal employees

We dive into this in the latest episode of ‘the mentl space’, sitting down with Laila Yousef Al Hassan, Senior Advisor on Organizational Culture and part of the leadership team at the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority. Laila gave us her insights on why supporting parents in the workplace is such a big deal.

The Parent Friendly Label program in the UAE is all about recognizing and rewarding companies that have parent-friendly policies in place. Think parental leave, flexible work hours, family care options, and overall family well-being. Laila emphasized how important it is for these policies to mesh well with the company’s culture. It’s about more than just having the policies – they need to be part of the organization’s DNA.

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Laila also highlighted how supporting parents brings both personal and economic benefits. For employees, it boosts motivation, retention, and productivity. For businesses, it means happier, more loyal employees and better overall performance. In today’s competitive job market, flexibility is key, and companies that offer it are more attractive to potential hires.

The economic perks of parent-friendly workplaces go beyond just keeping employees happy. They play a part in the overall success of the business. By supporting parents, companies can improve morale, keep good employees around longer, and boost productivity. Programs like the Parent Friendly Label not only help individual employees and their families but also contribute to a healthier, more sustainable economy. It’s a win-win that makes good business sense.

5 Ways Companies Can Support Parents:

  1. Offer flexible work arrangements: Let parents manage their responsibilities better.
  2. Provide generous parental leave: Give parents quality time with their kids.
  3. Implement family-friendly benefits: Think childcare assistance and support programs.
  4. Foster a supportive company culture: Value work-life balance for everyone.
  5. Encourage open communication: Understand and address the needs and challenges of working parents.

By embracing these practices, businesses not only do the right thing but also set themselves up for long-term success. Supporting parents isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s a smart strategy for any forward-thinking company.